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We encounter a number of small locations, usually schools and small laboratories, that have these compounds.  As the possession of this material does not require a license, these locations are often unaware of their options and can fall prey to unscrupulous operators.

Most Uranium and Thorium Compounds should qualify as "Unimportant Quantities of Source Material" under NRC guidelines.

Acetates can easily be disposed in with the regular Radioactive Wastes or the NRC, or the agreement state may have regulations that permit alternate disposal.  Nitrates are usually an issue, as these are considered a DOT Oxidizer and, unless stabilized in water and concrete, would be considered a Mixed Waste if sent for disposal.

There is only one Compound manufacturing company, IBI Labs, that will use these compounds recovered from others.  They require that anything considered for their reuse must be relatively new and unopened in the original container.  Typically, all we encounter from licensees are compounds that are several years old, opened, used, degraded or in a liquid.  None of them are candidates for recycling and reuse.

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