First Company to Ship Wastes into the Texas Compact Facility

Bionomics has the needed Generator Certification and DSHS Registration required for shipping to this facility.

Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) SCATR Program

For the past 6 years Bionomics, has managed the collection and disposal of over 80,000 sources in 48 States under the US DOE funded SCATR Program.

US DOE Y-12 Oak Ridge Operations        

Identification, segregation, packaging, brokerage, transportation and disposal of 7,000 items with 356 different DOT shipping names.

Undisclosed Source Manufacturing Facility

We have been working on a project for the past two years that involves the disposal of over 30,000 sources and the removal and disposal of a considerable amount of low level waste.  This project has involved intense interfacing with multiple government agencies as well as disposal companies in solving the waste disposal issues. 

State Of Illinois Waste Brokerage Company

Identification and removal for disposal of aged waste inventory of a waste brokerage service company, for which the state had revoked the license. Varied waste streams dating back ten years, including sealed sources and mixed waste.