The foundation of our services is providing turnkey services that offer everything. Not all clients need every service. Most rely on us to provide the manifesting, loading, transportation, processing and disposal, while others need us for supplies and packaging.

Our resources and personnel are dedicated to providing services to the satisfaction of our clients. We use our trucks and technicians to pickup the waste at each client’s site and provide all the support needed to properly prepare the shipment. Our staff is comprised of experienced individuals who will gladly provide guidance for any issues. Wastes are tracked and detailed Disposal Certificates issued upon disposal of the waste.

Bionomics has completed many projects beyond the scope of our core business focus. While these projects are related to the disposal of clients' waste, they are more specialized. Many of these projects have been completed and then repeated at more than one client's facility and have involved generators both small and large.

Summarized below are the typical projects we have completed for our clients:


  • Collection, identification, packaging and removal for disposal of unknown wastes, including sealed sources.

  • Onsite management of radioactive and mixed wastes, including lab surveys.

  • Identification of Mixed Wastes, including sampling and analysis and packaging and disposal.

  • Removal, packaging and disposal of contaminated fume hoods and lab equipment.

  • Packaging and disposal of Large Sealed Sources including Irradiators.

  • Packaging and removal for disposal of legacy wastes and development of waste minimization programs.