Bionomics has always taken a conservative approach when dealing with locations and methods used to process and dispose of the LLRW and mixed wastes generated by our customers. This conservative approach is borne out of years of experience with the inner workings of processing and disposal facilities. We believe our approach has enabled both our customers and us to avoid problems plagued by others.


Bionomics has stringent requirements when dealing with processing and disposal companies and deal only with those facilities that have demonstrated financial stability and regulatory compliance. We have long standing relationships with Duratek/EnergySolutions in Oak Ridge, Chem-Nuclear/EnergySolutions at Barnwell, EnergySolutions in Utah, Perma-Fix in Florida, DSSI and M&EC in Tennessee, and US Ecology in Richland.




Based on the regulations and past and present history of processors in this industry, it is clear to Bionomics that the conservative approach must continue to be taken. Under Federal Law, the waste generator is ultimately responsible for the LLRW they generate.  Bionomics has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure your material is handled properly, and we take this responsibility seriously. This is why our approval is limited to select companies.