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Oak Ridge, TN

 The leader in professional, cost effective services for disposal of radioactive and mixed wastes.



Fully Licensed and Permitted

Bionomics maintains the licenses and permits necessary for providing services to package, transport, and dispose of all types of Radioactive and Mixed Wastes including, but not limited to, the following common waste streams:​

• Dry Solid Waste (paper, plastic, glass)​

• Aqueous Liquids
• Scintillation Vials
• Scintillation Liquids
• Sealed Sources
• Irradiators
• Mixed Waste (liquid and solid)/Chemical and Hazardous Waste streams
• Instruments/Articles
• Bactec Vials
• Animal Carcasses
• Check Sources
• Flood Sources

• Exit Signs
• Radium Dials
• Smoke Detectors
• Oils
• Sludges
• Thorium Acetate
• Thorium Nitrate
• Uranyl Acetate
• Uranyl Nitrate
• Lead
• PCB Mixed Waste​​

• Soils

• Metals

• Bulk Wastes 










Bionomics is the leader in providing turnkey radioactive and Mixed Waste pickup and disposal services to generators of all sizes. Our commitment to our client is second to none. Services we typically provide include:


  • Onsite support and services

  • Development of programs

  • Treatment

  • Characterization

  • Analysis

  • Supplies


  • Manifesting

  • Labeling

  • Survey



  • Our trucks

  • Our technicians

  • Exclusive to our clients


  • Lab surveys

  • On-site waste management

  • Decontamination

  • Training

Bionomics will evaluate each client and their waste disposal needs, and then suggest plans that help reduce labor cost, exposure, disposal costs and that offer the greatest reduction in long-term liability.

Approved Disposal Sites

The companies approved by Bionomics for processing and disposal of clients wastes are:

EnergySolutions, with locations in:
  • Clive, Utah
  • Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  • Barnwell, South Carolina

Perma-Fix, with locations in:

US Ecology Richland Site, with locations in:

  • Richland, Washington

  • Grand View, Idaho

Waste Control Specialists, LLC, located in

  • Andrews, Texas

Bionomics will use only those facilities that meet or exceed our high standards of Quality Assurance. These facilities need to have maintained a history of financial stability and regulatory compliance. In addition to initial and follow-up audits of each facility, each processing facility is required to provide container tracking and timeliness in the processing and disposal of the wastes we send them. The performance and financial and regulatory health of each facility is closely monitored to ensure the reduction and elimination of risk and long-term liabilities associated with client’s wastes.​​

Qualifications and Company Highlights

First Company to Ship Wastes into the Texas Compact Facility

Bionomics has the needed Generator Certification and DSHS Registration required for shipping to this facility.

Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) SCATR Program

For the past 6 years Bionomics, has managed the collection and disposal of over 80,000 sources in 48 States under the US DOE funded SCATR Program.

US DOE Y-12 Oak Ridge Operations        

Identification, segregation, packaging, brokerage, transportation and disposal of 7,000 items with 356 different DOT shipping names.

Undisclosed Source Manufacturing Facility

We have been working on a project for the past two years that involves the disposal of over 30,000 sources and the removal and disposal of a considerable amount of low level waste.  This project has involved intense interfacing with multiple government agencies as well as disposal companies in solving the waste disposal issues. 

State Of Illinois Waste Brokerage Company

Identification and removal for disposal of aged waste inventory of a waste brokerage service company, for which the state had revoked the license. Varied waste streams dating back ten years, including sealed sources and mixed waste.



Bionomics has always taken a conservative approach when choosing locations and methods used to process and dispose of the LLRW and mixed wastes generated by our customers. This careful vetting is borne out of years of experience with the inner workings of processing and disposal facilities.


We have stringent requirements when dealing with processing and disposal companies and deal only with those facilities that have demonstrated financial stability and regulatory compliance. We have long standing relationships with Duratek/EnergySolutions in Oak Ridge, Chem-Nuclear/EnergySolutions at Barnwell, EnergySolutions in Utah, Perma-Fix in Florida, DSSI and M&EC in Tennessee, and US Ecology in Richland, Washington.


Based on the regulations and past and present history of processors in this industry, it is clear to Bionomics that the conservative approach must continue to be taken. Under federal law, the waste generator is ultimately responsible for the LLRW they generate.  Bionomics has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure your material is handled properly, and we take this responsibility seriously. This is why our approval is limited to select companies.



Our purpose is to provide turnkey service in the disposal of all radioactive and hazardous waste streams. Not all clients need every service - most rely on us to provide the manifesting, loading, transportation, processing and disposal, while others need us for supplies and packaging.

Our resources and personnel are dedicated to providing services to the satisfaction of our clients. We use our trucks and technicians to pick up the LLRW at each client’s site and provide all the support needed to properly prepare the shipment. Our staff is comprised of experienced individuals who will gladly provide guidance for any questions. Wastes are digitally tracked and detailed Disposal Certificates issued upon disposal of LLRW.

We have completed many projects beyond the scope of our core business focus. While these projects are related to the disposal of clients' waste, they are more specialized. Many of these projects have been completed and then repeated at more than one client's facility and have involved generators both small and large.

Summarized below are the typical projects we have completed for our clients:


  • Collection, identification, packaging and removal for disposal of unknown wastes, including sealed sources.

  • Onsite management of radioactive and mixed wastes, including lab surveys.

  • Identification of Mixed Wastes, including sampling and analysis and packaging and disposal.

  • Removal, packaging and disposal of contaminated fume hoods and lab equipment.

  • Packaging and disposal of Large Sealed Sources including Irradiators.

  • Packaging and removal for disposal of legacy wastes and development of waste minimization programs.


Source Collection and Threat Reduction (SCATR) Program
Ongoing through each calendar year

Bionomics has collected Sealed Sources for the CRCPD SCATR Program for the past several years, and while the program is popular, there are still many licensees that are unaware of the program and the benefits.  It is not too late to register. This opportunity provides generators financial assistance equal to 30% of the cost of collection, processing, and disposal of sealed sources.

Register with the CRCPD/OSRP or contact us directly for a quote ( )  The cost for disposal through this program is much less on average than the costs currently charged by other companies offering disposal or "repurposing" services.  Additionally, final disposal of the sources is made removing long-term liability to the original licensee.


Delaying Disposal
Some locations may not be required to have financial assurance for unused sources, as they list them as assets.  When it comes time to pay for the disposal, the licensee finds it difficult to obtain funding from management.  The cost for disposal will only go up next year, and the percentage that CRCPD will contribute will go down or may not be available.

No Regulatory Pressure

Almost all sources that are disposed under SCATR have not been used in several years.  Some States and the NRC are putting regulatory pressure on licensees to dispose of unwanted sources that have not been used within the past two years or have decayed below useful levels.

Not Aware of 30% Discount

The SCATR program is here to help everyone.  However, some licensees are unaware that the program exists, and in some states there are few participants.  The more participants we have in an area, the lower the overall costs are for participants.



Bionomics adheres to the regulations and requirements for the safe transportation of Radioactive and Hazardous Waste shipments.

We own and operate a small fleet of straight trucks, which are used exclusively to service our clients.
For larger shipments requiring specialized equipment, Bionomics utilizes carriers that meet our strict guidelines and requirements.


• Straight Trucks with lift gates
• Van Trailers
• Refrigerated Vans
• Flatbeds
• Drop decks

• Tankers
• Casks
• Dumps
• Roll-offs



Please include as much information as possible about your inventory.

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Bionomics, Inc.

P.O. Box 817
Kingston, TN 37763

Telephone: (865) 220-8501

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